Calvary greetings,

It is my first time of posting and praying for help with these two dreams.

The first dream I am holding a white tissue, which I throw away and the same tissue turns into a white dove and flies away, up high as I watch in amazement.

The 2nd dream - I am looking at an open Bible.  Inside the Bible there is a picture of a man riding a horse. As I gaze at the picture, the same picture of  the man on a horse manifests from the Bible into the physical. I turn away to hide from the man riding the horse as I feel unworthy to be in the presence of this majestic man riding the horse..  As I was looking for a place to hide away from the man, He passed a few meters away from me riding the horse at a high speed.

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Hello Anna,

What was the key feeling of the dream? Did you feel peaceful, or concerned?

What were you processing in your life right before having this dream?

What is God speaking to you about the dream in two-way journaling?

Is God doing a work of healing/cleaning in your heart? When I personally think of white tissues, usually someone has been crying or using the tissue to wipe (clean) their noses. I can see as we give Him those hurts/sins in our life, he makes all things new. For many doves signify the Holy Spirit in our lives. Watching in amazement - God is an Amazing God and He does amazing things in our lives as we draw near to Him!

Feel free to add more info or insights as the Lord leads you. The Holy Spirit is your Teacher and will show you all things!

God bless!

Hello Barbara,

Before the dream I had jut finished reading the book of Revelation and I was at peace with myself.  After the dream, what came to my mind immediately was what the Lord told me a few years back, that "He is coming back soon for His Church the Bride, and all those that are not ready will be left behind." I was not at peace with myself after the dream. I need to prepare more

Yes God is doing a work of healing in my heart. Thank you.

God bless you.

Hello Anna,

It helps to stand back and look at the dreams like you would a painting. The first dream contains the action words "throw away", and the second one has "hiding". 

In the first one, it is good to note that, that which you have discarded will be transformed by the Lord.  The tissue (which can represent sorrows/grief/tears) was tossed and when it was tossed, the Lord lifted the tissue/issue up and transformed it into "peace"... (the Holy Spirit in the form of the dove, is widely known as a symbol of peace).

In the second dream, you witness the "man on horse" come into the present. Your awareness of your unclean state, shows that this is a holy presence/man. You "fear" and you want to "hide", Ask yourself why. The Lord has loved and accepted us just as we are/were, and yet it does please Him to keep trying to be more like Him, even if the transforming work within us is His to perform. I think you can rest in your spirit and let Him do the rest of the work. You are a completely adopted child that is fully loved and accepted already.



Here are a few thoughts:

I have a better impression concerning the second dream.  Read Revelation 19:11-21.  It pictures Jesus and the saints returning to earth at the end of the tribulation period to establish the 1000 year reign of Jesus. He is riding a white horse as He descends.  If you feel unworthy in His presence then perhaps God wants you to know the blood of Jesus has given you total forgiveness.  Ask God to reveal to you how He sees you!

In the first dream, the white dove is the Holy Spirit. Read Matthew 3:13-16.  The dove appears right after Jesus is baptized.  Have you been baptized?  Were you baptized/sprinkled as a child without knowing the full meaning of being baptized?  As far as throwing away a tissue, perhaps God wants you to give up something in your life out of obedience. Being baptized is a step of obedience in your Christian walk.

Hope this helps!


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