Guidelines to make this discussion thread as helpful as possible

1. This is a place where you can share your dreams and what you sense is the correct interpretation, and ask others to respond with either their confirmation, or their suggestions concerning things you may want to consider that you may have missed. The Bible says that God counsels us at night through our dreams, so we want to receive this divine counseling.

2. Make sure you have read through the attached file on Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation.

3. To post your dream, click on "+Add" at the top right of this page. Be sure to present it in this format:

Write out your entire dream and the answers to the questions below. As you do this, relax and tune to flowing thoughts, rather than analytical thoughts, thus moving from your mind to your heart.



Begin by writing the answers to the following questions:

  • Dream – A summary (Reader’s Digest version!) of the dream.
  • Action – In the dream, what was the main thing I was doing? (Running from something? Ministering? Fighting?) That is the key action.
  • Emotion – In the dream, how was I feeling? (Excited? Disappointed? Loved?) That is the key emotion.
  • Setting – In waking life, what issues is my heart processing? (What did I do that day? What was I thinking about when I went to bed and praying for as I fell asleep?) That is the setting.
  • Interpretation – We match up the dream’s action and emotion with similar actions and emotions in our waking life which show us what area of our life the dream is speaking to, and we journal out God’s message to us through the dream. 

Beginning with the first event/element of the dream and continuing on, list the following:

  • What is the dominant trait of each person in the dream?
  • What emotion does each animal in the dream represent to you?
  • In what way are you experiencing (the event described in the dream) in your life at this time?

4. You can ask others to confirm that they sense you are on the right track in the interpretation, or to give you any input they may have.

5. At any time you wish to end the dialogue with others about the interpretation of your dream, you may state that, and your request will be honored.

6. You must be willing to be completely open and honest as we work on an interpretation to your dream.

7. May the counseling of God through your dream bring increased quality to your life.

Our hope is that some of our "Personal Spiritual Trainers" will jump into this discussion forum and help you with your dream interpretation. And our desire is that you might enlist their services by investing in the three month personal coaching they can offer you in the area of Christian dream interpretation. This way you become a skilled interpreter of dreams and can train others. There is also a college course on Wisdom Through Dream Interpretation you can enroll in through Christian Leadership University.

You can also use the search function on Koinonia Network and type in Personal Spiritual Trainer to find a list of members of Koinonia Network who are qualified as "Personal Spiritual Trainers." You can then learn about these individuals by reading their blogs and bios or emailing them. Once you feel comfortable with them, you can hire them to be your coach in the area of Christian Dream Interpretation. We do suggest that everyone begin with the course on How to Hear God's Voice as that is foundational to everything else.

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Last night I read the pdf on dreams and said yep God use em'. I rarely remember my dreams and am quite happy to sleep well. But I calculated when my deepest third cycle REM state would occur. I know I sleep 7.5 hours. I reasoned that around 6:30am this morning would be a great time to wake up, to remember my dream or any dream. Surprise I woke up around 6:30 naturally and duh - had a dream. It was a short dream. It was quite easy to apply it to my work situation about starting a business. Not that it's an earth-quaking revelation it's just that I never remember dreams and there it was. Wrote it down. I hope to get my dreams more often. Not over fixate, just nurture. Yeah for God to reveal stuff, but also for me to reveal myself to me...
Daniel, the Holy Spirit will reveal things about your self as you spend time in His Presence. Some times when we can't hear from the LORD, we may need to do a fast to weaken the old man called flesh. If you are reading the Word of God and praying regularly, you will have more dreams. The Holy Spirit will stir up your spirit man; and help you to remember the ones He wants you to. Don't worry about those you can't. If it's important enough, you will have the dream again till you hear what He is trying to tell you.

I like that phrase you used here...."to reveal myself to me." Another key closer to the kingdom.

I know that dreams are different than visions. Is there a discussion about visions? I have had a few that I don't completely understand.
Yes, Dreams are different then visions. A dream is like playing a movie; and a vision is more like a still Pic. Usually, Visions speak of the near future of something to come. With permission, I would love to help you hear what the Holy Spirit could be trying to say to you. Could you share the visions you don't understand with me?

Hello. I was reading your   response on Koinonia. I know it is forom way back in 09. BUT I was interested in the part about dreams and visions being different. I had a dream or vision, I am not sure  which. Maybe you can help.

I was not in the dream. I just saw it. The dream: " I see a large brown map of the southeastern USA. It is out of focus. This hand starts moving down the map towards Louisiana. As it gets closer  to Louisiana the map is more in focus. The hand becomes a finger and is pointing alomg a path that moves thru the State and then stops, pointing at a spot on the map. The word "alluvium" is spoken to me."     I wake up. I know this area because we ar4e part owners in property there. We live in California. Anyway I look up the word alluvium and also find a geological map of Louisiana. The map shows a path way thru the State a path is called "holocene Alluvium". I never knew that before. I had the impression of discovery when I work up and was very excited.  I am new to dream interpretation, do you know if this was a dream or a vision and what it means.

Thanks so much.

In Christ


Newsette, my visions are moving like daydreams, but not brought on by self. They don't last long as daydreams, they are quick. I have never had a still picture vision before. That is new to me.

On October 23rd I had a dream twice during the nights.

Three Mexican's broke into my home stating they were going to take over. I was not afraid nore intimidated with their words or their intent. I stood in boldness and spoke the Word of the Lord. Each time I spoke one of the three intruders was diffused. The third one put up a bigger fight but soon all three were diffused from their intent. I spent some time witnessing to them about the Lord then showed them to the door for them to leave, which they did without incident. I shut the door.

Once I was alone again inside the house I went to the second floor and found a dark skinned woman dressed in native attire. ( I've actually been to several African nations and ibt looked very similiar to African attire that I've seen women wear).

This woman was sitting and her appearance was one of perhaps royalty. She looked at me and said, "This is my house."
There was no confrontation of her as in that which occured with the 3 intruders. The dream ended.
Debbie, I believe this dream is talking about a need for deliverance.

The three mexicans represent 3 demonic spirits that may be harrassing you. As you resist them in the name of Jesus and use Gods word they mut leave.

The woman there speaks to a higher or more powerful demonic spirit. This one goes not out but by prayer and fasting. It requires more, maybe a team effort or some more uneartyhing of the roots and entry points.

Be Blessed.
Thanks for your reply. Within 24 hrs of having this dream I came under a brutal attack by my landlord. I had this dream at least twice the same night. The landlord attempted to "break" the lease on 3 different points. Each time I produced the evidence which showed conclusively the infractions. These were emails stating lease terms which she was attempting to alter. I was never clear on the woman upstairs as to what it represented except that it represented something in the 2nd heaven. In the dream I did not confront the woman, only acknowledged that I was aware of her presence.this real life attack w landlord which came same day as dream has resulted in a lawsuit.

I have stood on the wrod of God and His Rhema word too. The Holy Spirit has led me each of three times to the truth of where the landlord was trying to alter the lease.

With this in mind, what additional leading of the Lord do you have. Is this to say the landlord is in need of the deliverance?
Hi Debbie,
thanks for sharing more of the background.

We know in part and we prophesy in part.

Based on the further informnation you supplied, It appears that it was a prophetic dream. Thje 3 mexicans refers to the three times he attempted to break the lease.

The woman as you said represents a principality that was trying to get you out of the house.

Your interpretation was in fact correct, kindly disregard What I posted previously.
Last night I had a dream. Several people were gathered in a home. I was sitting in an upholstered chair next to an end table. JM (a promiment business man, 2 star general and man of faith that I've met once) came and sat in a chair near me and it was clear it was intentional. He leaned across the end table and said, "Come with me there's something I want to show you."

He and I, along with a few others left the room and the house. The next scene we were in some sort of large parking deck. Although I was vaguely aware that we were on the ground level I had knowledge that there were other floors as well. On the side walls were a number of random signs, as in a corporate type parking area which marked off different spaces for different companies. There were faded signs which read, "AT&T". From their appearance it was evident that they had once been there.

The scene changes and we're inside a large corporate type building. Although there was a sense that the dream was happening in the evening there was a lot of activity inside the corporate building. The atmosphere was charged. It was obvious by the solemn tenor of those who were intently focused in their actions that there was a crisis of some sort they were collectively working on.

I was keenly aware of the importance and urgency of what was going on around me. Messages were being relayed as to the situation update. As we walked through a wide hallway with several closed doors we entered into a large room which was bustling with activity, kind of like a news room. There were many work stations but no dividing walls and people moved from place to place with ease. I made a mental observation while walking through the room that much of the transfer of information which flowed from one workstation to the others was not electronic. A file would be carried by one person and given to another, "here's the latest report" or "this is the most current update." At the time I was walking with JM in the dream I only had a mental observation of something which appeared unusual. After the dream and even now as I record it on paper I understand why there was little conversation in the room. This room was under surveillance of some sort. Everyone seemed to know the room had a wire tap and conversations were recorded.

We walked from one end of the room to the other (probably 20-30 ft or so) and JM sat down at a desk, I wasn't certain whether this was his regular office or a position he came to while dealing with the situation at hand. It was a control center of some sort and an immediate crisis was being dealt with.

The crisis had something to do with a small piece of equipment. It had the appearance of some kind of battery (like for a cell phone or something). I caught a glimpse of the device only momentarily then it was placed back in hiding.

(I was made to understand he was referring to the device noted previously.

I stood there for a little while watching and observing, making mental notes. There were 20-30 people there working and I understood in the dream that it was night time, another observation that I readily labeled "out of the ordinary."

After a while some other people walked into the room. At first they seemed to be part of the group working but as they drew closer to JM they handcuffed him and his wife (who I didn't see until this portion of the dream) and walked them out of the building. As they turned to go JM turned to us and said, "make sure you protect it". When they (the people who handcuffed him and his wife) were out of the building everyone continued to work as though they knew exactly what they were to do. There was no discussion amongst those remaining. They continued to be about their business, there were no cries of "what's this about? or why is this happening? nor were there prayers of any kind)

(When I started writing this section about the people handcuffing JM an understanding came to me that these people came into the building as though they belonged there, or had been accepted there. There was no indication that someone let them in, as you would do a guest or client. They wore no unifoms. Others in the room were not alarmed they were there…as though they knew who they were. As I type this it comes to me that there are some relatively new people who appear to be in agreement with JM and his wife. They've been accepted to the point they are considered part of what's going on there but they have come to tie their hands.

The next scene I'm talking to HW ( a friend of mine) who was there as well. I don't recall her being in the building, however, when this incident happened. Her 4 yr old daughter Sarah was there as well. I turned to her and said "we need to do something." She flipped open her cell phone and said, "I'm calling my husband, he'll know how to get the money here so we can get out of here."

End of dream


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