I am currently doing the 4 keys to Hearing God's voice in a bible study.  I haven't had much success with my journaling but there has been 2 occasions of Awesome in the spirit occasions while sleeping or just on the border.  They were in a location in the middle of nowhere and I got there with a lady I know from work but once I got there she wasn't present in the dream anymore.  I'm not sure the place or time period of where this dream setting is.  The house was a sturdy, large wooden house but the lighting was dim.  (it was nightime when I went.)  The bible study was in the basement.  There was about 7-8 people there and the room was brightly lite but there wasn't any sorce of light anywhere.  The bible study starts at 10:30 at night.  I come again and again to the study and each time I come I show up earlier and ealier.  The last couple times I came it was still light outside and I noticed their were snakes blocking the path to the sidewalk.  I was scared to walk past them because they were rattlesnakes.  They I was able to walk up the path because it would have a misty rain, or water hose sprayed the snakes but I never saw the person who sprayed the hose.  The snakes would quickly go off the path whenever water happened.  I mentioned it to the sisters who lived there that there was rattlesnakes and they said "yea, we have a bunch of them be careful" 


One day they told me that they decided to move to Montana.  I was shocked that they would want to leave their beautiful family home.  For some reason they decide to swim first.  They have a pond with a covered dock.  I just watch them.  Then they start some weird ritual.  Something to do with before we can leave we must do some ritual/memorial that our fathers did. Anyways a large viking ship appears.  They try some things that don't work and one sister says that we can only do it from the bottom.  I'm on the dock, but somehow I can see what is going on.  Under the ship is a viking image of some God which for some reason is connected to her father.  The ship and her go under water, the whole ship and she is under the ship and watching the image and making the ship move up and down under the water.  she wasn't touching it but there was some power involved.  They kind of go up and down under the water until her sisters pull the ship up out from under the water and it floats like a ship is suppost too.    They say a few words to each other.  But honestly I haven't a clue what they were saying to each other.  It was like they spoke english but my brain wasn't understanding, but I think there was disagreement.  The very next moment we were standing next to the pond and they are no longer moving to Montana because they found husbands (the type from little house on the prairie) and they were getting married.


What I think this means is but can't really put it in any meaningful way....

The snakes are demons or forces of evil blocking my path to the house/light in the basement.  Water would be the spirit sending them fleeing.  I am mostly just watch and learn in this dream.  Who the 3 sisters are I have no clue but they are perhaps not of this time period.  ( I myself am one of 3 sisters if that helps)  I did think a lot while observing this fold out and for some reason I was stuck on their parents locatiions.  The viking ship and pond is completely unknown for me but I can only guess that it goes along with the verses. ...  let me bury my father first and then I will follow you.  They did some ritual tradition stuff and ended up not moving to Montana (which my self in the dream did not remember what that actually means until I wrote the dream down)


Perhaps this dream means that if I am stuck on my old traditions that I learned about Christianity then I will never make it to Montana.  I will marry and stay content where I am at.  The whole dream I wasn't exactly happy about them moving to Montana because there is nothing there and I would miss them, but I was just like whatever.  When they decided to get married I was like really what happened to moving to Montana but whatever.



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Vikings can mean different things to different people. Some view the Vikings as violent brutes, intrepid adventurers, or medieval warriors. They could also simply represent your family's roots. What do they mean to you personally?

I did the maternal dna test about 1 1/2 ago.  Most of my matches were from finland.  Also doing research I found out that I'm related King Alfred the Great, who had a dream to unite all english speaking persons and fought the vikings.  He actually converted one of the viking invaders leaders which I think is really awesome.  But realistically I have roots of probably the vikings and also the great king who tried to stop the invasion.  So I really am confused about what it would mean to me.  Especially since eventually many of them came to the lord.  The ship really didn't scare me, I was just like wow a viking ship.  Just sitting there, not in battle or anything.

Thank you Libby,

I think that this dream is about you. So, I am going to throw some things out, and I hope that some of the symbolism can help you figure this out.

There are opposing symbols contain within your dream. It is interesting that the bible study is below ground (basement) and when the boat sank (below the water surface) the sisters needed to go underneath the hull of the ship to lift it up. Add the meaning of the name Montana (mountain or "mountainous country".) and you can see there is a desire to go “upward” (the opposite of below). They are below and desire to go up higher (mountain experience) .

The bible study basement can mean a deeper subconscious need/desire for the Lord here, or it could hint at the need to hide what is being practiced. The basement is lit via spiritual means (no light source), and that is a good sign.  But, there is dim lighting (dullness of spirit/need for more of the Holy Spirit) on the main level. It is no wonder you feel confused. There seems to be a mixture of superstition (snakes/rituals/medieval Vikings/ dull lighting) and a desire to grow/go upward in the Spirit and via spiritual  power.(water flow) to hose away the snakes (which are troubles that follow one) 

What do the three sisters mean to you? There are three witches of Eastwick and  there is three witches or Weird Sisters that are characters in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth. There is also the Holy Trinity, consisting of three parts. Do you have sisters, or do you think that these sisters may be “parts of you”? Do you feel this same spiritual confusion in real life?

Honestly,  I have no clue who the sisters are.  They all wore dresses and had long hair.  They were people that I didn't know.  I do have 2 sisters myself.


I haven't heard of any of the sisters that you actually listed.  They were not worldly that is for sure but I actually have 3 friends who would fit the profiles of these three sisters, but if that is who they represent I'm not sure how they would mean in the dream.

Thank you for that.

Maybe if you could tell me what your thoughts are about the other things I wrote and answered the question regarding spiritual confusion, it may become apparent who they are. 

Are all three of your friends, sisters in Christ too?

Do want to talk about it via private message, or here on this thread?

The Interpretation

 God is giving you something like a back drop view of Genesis (beginning) during Noah’s time.  God is using this account to give some realization of something that is to come to you in the future.  Noah three sons-- Shem, Ham, and Japheth took 3 wives.  Ham’s wife was Neelata-Mek, and Japheth’s wife was Adalenses,  and Shem’s wife was Sedukatelbab.  

The Bible study is actually taking place in a basement, it represents the interior of the ark. The 8 people that were at the bible study represents the 8 people that were saved in the ark.

The reason I use the term, “back drop view” is because the apocrypha documentation of the family is only found in Jasher 5:35, Noah took three of Eliakim’s daughters for wives for his sons before The Flood. Jubilees 7:12 actually name the wives. 

When you said that there are Vikings, well Japheth linage can be traced back  to The Vikings of Scandinavia also trace their kings back through Odin, and Seskef that was also part of Japheth

Genesis 10:1-5, these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Sons were born to them after the flood.

2 The sons of Japheth: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras. 3 The sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah. 4 The sons of Javan: Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. 5 From these the coastland peoples spread in their lands, each with his own language, by their clans, in their nations.

  You are searching internally and externally for true answers of yourself from beginning of His will wanting to reach a destination, but don’t know where to start and want to find your place. The Lord is saying, this is why I sent a mystery to you to unfold some questions to ask him in your journals in order to get you interested to seek out answers about yourself in places that you never thought.  

The dream also shows the specialty of you as a woman. Nothing can be born, and generations cannot be changed without women.

Like I said, this is a back drop view of your heritage and the importance in you.  The husbands (bridegroom) represents things that are hard to find, or almost impossible to look for.  There is a lot of wisdom in searching, and in searching you will find wisdom. Don’t be frustrated about figuring out everything, but from I can sense God is happy that you are interested in the chronicles of his Word and your present day recordings.


thanks.  I think you hit on some things.  I'm not really sure what you meant by the specialty of me as a women. 

A characteristic that is able to persuade. Mildly passive nature since you been a believer. Its Ok to be proactive, and assertive without the feeling of regret. Its a nature that built inside. That is the specialty.



Did you have the DNA test to discover your lineage, or did you have it done because you are adopted?


Just for fun to discover whatever it showed.  I love stuff like that


I seemed important to you in your dream too. You also said, "Perhaps this dream means that if I am stuck on my old traditions that I learned about Christianity then I will never make it to Montana". If you want to still talk about your dream, it would be nice to have you explain this statement. If you have lost interest, just ignore.

Take care Libby.


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