Hi everyone! 

Blessed to have this network to dig into here. 

Born again Christian here. Not a stranger to suffering for the Gospel, however, experienced a spiritual falling away in the past couple of years (persecution, lies, lack of arming myself with the Armour..). Abba Father is asking me to get baptised again. He has given me boatloads of insight and grown my spiritual gifts both in the wilderness and the secret place as I've recovered from some spiritual losses- and prepared me to actually turn to ministry openly (previously had "ministered" in a secular work setting). However, the enemy is a legalist, and there has been.. and every spiritual leader has seen.. quite a lot of ungodliness in my family line, and the Lord has called me to come to my family home and sort of purge. This means: getting rid of some of the stuff that's my own which has been ungodly (i.e. what I now realize is pagan-type stuff I studied in university, etc.) as well as-- with a style and grace-- somehow get rid of some of the cursed objects laying around my family's house. 

This is my question: has anyone ever had a similar experience or direction from the Lord? It's God's perfect timing-- I'm 25 but my siblings are much younger and temporarily away, along with my mother for the most part so it is simply my father here- though working very long hours; I have time to discern and perhaps discuss as needs be about this. My family is quite unorthodox (my testimonies... Oh, God is a miracle worker- thank you Jesus for the spirit of adoption!!)-- and they know my faith, and, quite honestly, detest it... though I sense a slight shift and with most members gone.. God is lightening the load here.

For background: it's true- my pastor saw a vision of me nailed to the cross and how my family had put me there so they could keep doing their not good things. Yes, there is a lot of the devil in them (love of money, love of sex, witchcraft and idolatry... worship of these things actually- yet forgive them, Father..) I am learning a ton about boundaries, etc. and my legal birthright as a daughter of the King not to throw any pearls to pigs and run after my own blessing; however, the family curses are a huge issue and *Jesus has taken it all!*, yet, others do sense He wants to perform a miracle and restore in one way or another -- even through their witnessing my victory. 

I boast in Him when I say that I do hear His voice, have been trained in the gift of discerning spirits, and know He keeps saying "cursed objects". Probably, my little sister is the most conspicuously involved in agreement with the devil (in that there is fruit in her life, besides an extreme wordliness, that is indescribably dark- whereas my parents are more ignorant of some of the things). There's a giant painting of very dark things in the basement- and every time I step down there, the Lord directs me to somehow get rid of it. It is massive, drawing attention to everyone, hurting everyone spiritually, and there are word curses written/painted directly on it... Has anyone ever received direction from the Lord to intercede on behalf of family members to do a bold act of cleansing for them? If it weren't such a big painting, I would just plead the blood of Jesus and get rid of it. In brief conversation with my father, I did tell him I was cleaning out my childhood bedroom, and offered to clean out some of their clutter, which he was open to (Jesus gave me the words, by His grace!) So I do have some license here, but this painting is my sister's. She's on vacation in Greece for the month- and I have to figure this out soon, because I'm in a different city now just coming here, following His direction here one step at a time.. 

Sorry this may be a bit long-- I supposed it is an interesting case, but any wisdom, insight, etc... I would be completely open, long as it is Spirit-led (as I'm sure it would be). He is absolutely faithful and capable of doing exceedingly more than we could imagine, so if He speaks to you on this, dear brothers and sisters, I would be absolutely blessed! 

Strategy, victory, and grace is mine by Jesus! 

Please let me know if the Lord leads you to share anything at all. God bless you, children of God! 



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Hi Chloe,

I'm new here but happy to share my experience last week. I was praying and asking the blood of the Lord Jesus to anoint everyone and everything in my home and then I felt the Lord calling me to remove some objects from the home. I had forgotten about a Malaysian tribal mask I had bought ten years ago as a piece of art and didn't even know where it was. The Spirit led me to look in a closet we rarely use and I started digging around but couldn't find it. However, I still felt it was in there as I went to leave and kept looking. I found it under a bag in the back of the closet. I threw it out along with some old video games that I knew didn't belong in the home.

I'm the father and husband in the house and the things that I threw away belonged to me and I had given them authority to be in there. I'm not sure if they were cursed, but they certainly were not godly and I felt like I had possibly made agreements with the enemy by allowing them in the home. No more!

Your situation sounds a little different since your father has authority over the home and the painting is not yours. I pray the Lord would guide you to do the most loving thing, whatever that may be. Thankfully, you are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, you are a temple of the Holy Spirit of the Living God and although you may reside in a home of darkness, you contain the Light of Jesus. I pray that the Lord would use you to illuminate your home and that the will of God and His kingdom would come into your home and your family's lives.

In Christ,


Thank you, truly, for your prayer. Fear will be overtaken by love here in Jesus' name! I am learning to be Christ-like and still shake the dust off my feet and have the boundaries I am called to have. It requires diligence to seek the voice of God to be sure. So intercession is something I am grateful for - thank you..

Hi Chloe, 

I'm 59. I've done all that spiritual cleansing cycles a few times already.  Every born again Christian, led by the Holy Spirit needs to do this cleansing at least once in their lifetimes.  The way I read your story, I think you have great insight into what your family has done! Insight alone is not enough.  You have to be aware of such a lot of religiosity even in faith itself.  I don't know how much of what you hear in your church you simply absorb, without filtering it through the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes, it's just plain common sense.  

I see the way you write , you have much that's in you that can steer you away from trouble spots within the family.  However, I was waiting for a question.  Because most of what you wrote is rhetoric, which is a good one!  

Perhaps I'm writing this to sound like an encouragement.  Keep it up, dear girl!  You are moving in the direction of common sense, as you move along, seeking emotional, mental, and spiritual help.  

Bless you!  

Hi Hannah,

Thank you so much for your honest, thorough reply.

I suppose I was indeed looking for encouragement, although these days as the Lord heals so much in relationship (to restore in areas where there had been some lost), I was seeking perhaps the vulnerability of a testimony or any personal experiences as well as personal encouragement for myself.

In dealing with the area of my family, there are often not people who understand the situation (read: spiritual) among those who I meet in public/church.. so I thought I'd open up here and see if there is anyone who might have a story there. Generational stuff is real- but again the word is "style and grace".. I have found generational stuff not to be as talked about. Maybe it's a greater issue for me than some others but I thought I would ask.

Bless you, and thank you for the word of encouragement.


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