We have some how-to training videos you can watch to quickly bring you up to speed!

Please be sure to read the Rules of Conduct for our site so you are familiar with what is, and what is not, acceptable. We work hard at keeping this a friendly, spam-free site and appreciate you helping to keep it that way!

In your blog you share your personal stories, reflections and updates as to what God is speaking to you and doing in your life. You can add in pictures and videos. See below to learn how to create a blog.

Set up a Group and start discussion threads within it to discuss specific topics of interest with like-minded individuals.

Use the “Search Tool:” (in the top right corner of the screen):
• To find people and groups in your area that are passionate about the voice and anointing of God. Type in your city or state in the “Search” tool.

• To see if there is already a group or discussion going on the topic you are interested in exploring. If so, it is likely better to join the one in progress rather than begin your own.

Comments” are a quick and easy way to interact with other members on your social network. Comments are short notes, including text, hyperlinks and images that you can leave throughout the website on any community, discussion, forum, photo, video or blog post on the social network, or on any member's profile page.


Did you know you can set for yourself just how much of your information is public? The default is that everything is public, which means it can show up on a Google search. But you can set up how much people can see here: http://www.koinonianetwork.org/profiles/profile/privacySettings
(When you are signed in, this link takes you to the privacy settings for your own profile.)

Walking you through the Tabs Across the Top

1. MyOwnPage will be all about you and your page. The tab under this is Members where you will find you have two options. You can click on "My Friends" or "All Members".


2. Media will have all videos which have been uploaded to Koinonia Network, and the tab under Media is Photos which is all Photos uploaded to Koinonia Network.

3. Blogs is a listing of all blogs on Koinonia Network.

4. Discussions (also called Forums and Discussion Forums), is a listing of all discussion threads available on Koinonia Network. You will note that you have a box which gives you a choice of viewing them "By Category" or you can request a list of all "Discussions" (which means they are no longer by category). You can participate by reading these discussions, adding your comments to them, and even beginning new discussion threads. However, before you add a new discussion thread, do a search for the keywords of your discussion idea to see if there is already a discussion thread going which you may want to become involved in, rather than beginning a new discussion on the same topic. You can sort discussions by topic or simply a list of all discussions. When you create a new discussion thread, you can assign a topic label to it to make it easier for people to find. If a discussion has been marked by the site administrators as "Featured" you will see it on the top of the list (as well as it being listed further down in the list of discussions).

5. Groups You can view all groups. If it is an open group you can comment on any of the discussion threads within the group. If it is a moderated group, you will be notified that you need to request to join the group before you can post a comment, and once you have become a member of that group, then you can post comments and start new discussion threads within the group. You can create new groups, and make it either a closed (moderated) or an open group. People can join your group and become involved in the discussions. If you are the creator of the group, you will have the ability to edit the comments and topics in the group and even ban a person if they become disruptive. Groups can be anything, including global group Bible studies on various topics, or focus groups, where you draw together interested people to participate in something you are passionate about (i.e., Evangelism, Swimming, Forex Trading, etc.).


6. The Live Chat feature allows you to participate in a live, real-time network-wide chat room as well as private chats with other members of your social network. Here's how it works:

When you are on the home page at KN or the Live Chat page, you’ll see a chat window in the middle of your screen. To chat with someone in particular, click on the person’s name on the right-hand side. Start typing in the lower left box. Press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to send your message.


Should you choose to just be available for someone who wants to come online to chat, there is a volume option on the chat window. Clicking on it and pulling the volume up or down will allow you to hear when someone wants to chat with you.


There is also a green button on the chat box for those of you who are on KN and do not wish to chat. When you click on it, it will change to red to allow you not to be visible for online chat viewers.


7. Help: A place to understand more about how to use the tools on this network.

Ready to set up your own page? Anxious to start your blog?

Things are set for you to have some flexibility to set up the way your page looks. Start out by clicking the "MyOwnPage" right below the title. (I'd recommend doing it in a new tab/window so you can read this at the same time! To do this, right-click on "MyOwnPage" and then click on "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window")

When you first sign up, you'll see that you don't have a picture of yourself. Pictures aren't required, but really help everyone to remember who they're talking to and make it more personal and "real." So that's the first thing I changed on mine! Below the shadow "picture" and basic information about yourself, you'll see "Change my photo or theme." Click on "my photo," and you'll get a page with all sorts of information about yourself (that you already set up...your name and birthday, etc). Right below your "full name" box, you'll see "Profile Photo" and a camera icon. Click on that icon, and then click on "upload a photo from your computer," and "browse" to find a picture of yourself from your computer. Then click "done," and you're all set! Just click "Save" at the bottom of the page to make sure it doesn't disappear...

Next, you might want to change the look of your page (like mine's definitely not the default colors!). So once you hit "save," go back to the top and click on "MyOwnPage" again. Go back to the same line where it said "Change my photo or theme," and this time click on "theme." You can choose any of the color themes you like, and then personalize it further below. Play! Have fun! Make it yours! And don't forget to save when you're done!

Back to "MyOwnPage" again...you can change other things, too. You can add photos to your page. Feel free to click the "edit" buttons and see what they do. You can't break it! (or at least you shouldn't be able to...)

Now you're ready to blog? That's the easiest thing yet! The hardest part is figuring out what you're going to write. In the list along the left-hand side, you can see "Blog Posts." Click on that, and start! Write a title, write your post, decide how private you want it to be (some people don't mind the whole world reading, while others want to write things that only their "friends" can read...it's completely up to you), and click "publish post"! It really is that easy!!

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