Hi, I am wondering if I am posting in the wrong places.  I was hoping to find more interaction and moral support from participants?  I have tried the chat room but people are unresponsive.  Is there a certain time of day when people are more active participating?  

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Hello Linda,

I try to read all posts placed here on the site. Dr. Virkler and Charla also check in often and add comments to specific posts. 

I know there are others who also check in to read and comment when they are able to. Some of the members only read since they are also new to the things the Lord is doing within them as well. 

Many members also work full time away from home, so they check in at various times. They check in when not working a job, and not working on their classes.

I also posted a comment to your blog post, but it is pending your approval. Let us know if you need help with this.

Which classes are you taking? If you are taking them through School of the Spirit, you can join the specific groups Dr. Virkler has set up for those classes. There is also a group for students who are going through CLU. Please let me know, and I will be more than happy to post the links to the groups.

Thank you!


Hi Barbara, thanks for responding.


I am taking 4 Keys and Taking Charge of your health. 

I think I am confused on the little link at the bottom of post that says don't follow or follow. I never know which should be showing so I get responses.

I will check my page and be sure I have approved your comments.

Linda Carol

"Follow" or "don't follow" is about if you want to get email notification on a post. Depending on what your settings are, you probably don't need to choose either of those. just leave it as the default. 

Neither will change if you get responses.

If people don't know the answer, though, they're likely not to say anything.

As far as the book question, that's a question that's better directed at the office of CWG and not the forum. (I just asked and it doesn't sound like they're planning to make it a hard copy.)


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