Hello. I have just started working on the Hearing God's Voice module. I have journaled several times. I am still waiting on direction regarding bringing my journaling to someone for accountablilty. In the meantime, I had a question that I put before the Lord. I am an educator at a local community college in Arizona. For the past year, I have been feeling like it was time for me to move on. I am not really sure what this means, but I have started procrastinating getting my syllabi prepared,lessons prepared, workshops, etc. This has not happened before, but this past year it has been a battle. 

The semester will be beginning in a few weeks, and I am really struggling to get my act together so to speak. Like I said before, I have been very passionate and excited about my job and impacting students in a positive way, but now it has become a challenge. 

Before I started this module, I had a dream. In the dream, I was getting ready to teach a class. The class was very unruly and disrepectful (In reality, this has never happened in any of my classes). I threatened to call the campus police, if the class did not get in order. I threatened this twice. After the second time of threatening the class, I was about to pick up the phone and call the campus police. Right at this moment, a man walked into my classroom. He took me by the arm and began to lead me out of the classroom. At first, I was trying to protest and ask him what was he doing, but before I opened my mouth he looked me in the eyes!

When he looked me in the eyes, it spoke volumes! Although this man never said a word verbally, he spoke the following: It's all right! I will take care of you. You will want for nothing! You will be secure and safe! 

I stopped my resistance and he lead me pass the students and out of the classroom. I don't think the students even saw him there or walk me pass them. It reminded me of when the multitude wanted to stone Jesus, and he just walked through the crowd. That was the end of the dream.

Back to today:

I asked God, "why am I procrastinating and struggle with getting prepared for the semester, with teaching"?

The response I receved:

My child, you are worried and careful about many things. Cast those cares upon me because I do care for you! The time is coming for you to move on to what I have destined for you to be. The angst that you feel is my nudging to step out in faith and do what I have called you to do and have spoken to you to do. What are you afraid of if you trust me? I have your back, front, all of you! You doubt yourself too much! You are a very smart lady!

I know things have not worked out as expected in your past, but I am that I am! Nothing is too hard for me! I don't operate in time neither am I restricted by time. Go back in your memories and see what I did. You read it tonight, I Corinthians 1-2.

I chose you, the least, the abused, the overlooked one to accomplish my will, so that you can give me the glory and so man can know I AM GOD, and beside me there is no other! Step out on my voice, my direction, my word. It will not fail! I got you!

You know what to do. Just do it! Take one step at a time. As you take each step I will be right there with you showing you what to do, instructing you. It will be easier than you think!

Please help me by tell me what you are sensing in your heart about this journal entry and dream. Thank you!

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I definitely sense the Lord speaking to you in your journaling entry. His Word is strong and encouraging to the heart.

As far as the dream, what were you sensing in your heart upon awakening? Have you taken time to journal about the dream, yet to see what He is speaking to you through the dream? Some dreams comes to us that are literal and some come to us that are symbolic (most dreams will by symbolic). The dreams class offered through the School of the Spirit and CLU is truly amazing on how to interpret dreams from God.

You are welcome to add other info as led by the Spirit.

Some additional thoughts for you to see if you have a witness in your heart:

getting ready to teach class - God is preparing your heart in a new way through the class you are taking now here.

unruly students - your physical teaching is in "world"; it sounds like He is calling you to a new direction in your life (note: if you feel you are being called to make a major decision like changing jobs - always have confirmation in several ways - in the mouth of 2 to 3 witnesses (or more).

the man who lead you out - this could signify Jesus/Holy Spirit; He takes care of all things; He leads us in the way we should walk

I have taken the class on dreams, but understand I am not fully experienced in this area. Please pray and ask the Lord what He desires to speak to you in this statements. You must have peace in your heart and the dreamer will also have a witness in their hearts concerning the interpretation He is giving you.

God bless you!


Hello Barbara! Thank you for responding to my post.

I believe you are on the right track with your interepretations of the symbolic meaning of my dream. To share more about the dream: When I awoke from the dream, I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and peace! I was so happy days after the dream. I felt, if I did what God was impressing upon me to do, I would be taken care of and wouldn't have to worry about anything. I mean ANYTHING! 

Yes, I did write the dream down and I believe I have the interpretation as well. But until I find those people I can share my journaling with to be accountable to, I will have to trust God and share on this medium.

Here's my interpretation of the dream (without having taken the dream course yet):

I believe the man in the dream represented God/Holy Spirit.

I believe that the unruly students represented a release/releasing from my current teaching position.

I believe that the man's arm escorting me out was protection and care for me (just like a father toward his daughter). 

I won't have to fear what is next for me or where God is about to take me. He will  be with me each step of the way guiding me, loving me, protecting me. I never once felt fear in the dream or after I woke up, There was just this strong sense of care and protection. The man was careful and protective of me in every way!

Praise be to God forevermore! He is guiding you in all things! 

When you are able to share with us here, it also brings encouragement to others - so thank you for sharing with us!

God bless you! All grace is abounding towards you in all things in Christ Jesus, our Lord!


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