Dream –Security Check

  • Dream Summary:

Scene 1

I saw my brother is a very big prestigious high rice building with rooms, all dressed lying on the floor. I came out of one of the rooms and left.

Scene 11

I went to the same building with some of my friends and co-workers to see my brother.  One of my co-workers drove. This time we had to go through security. Every one cleared security except me. I slot my ID 20 times but was denied access. I finally reported to one of the lady attendant/security. She slotted my ID into some machine (some kind of monitoring system to know who I am). She then told me to write my signature down 20 times (maybe 200 times, I am not sure).  My mind went to the fact that I may have been busted for writing bad checks many years ago when I was a teenager. I was afraid.

After a while she made a call to someone and I heard them discussing the reason, I failed to clear security. Then I woke up.

  • Action - Denied access
  • Emotion – Afraid
  • Setting – I was thinking about several things before I went to bed.

1. Wondering where to go from here for my ministry.

2. Not happy about the bad report I receive about my brothers children. Very sorry I participated in the condemnation, rather than blessing them.

  • Interpretation – Not really sure which direction the dream is going giving the above two major things on my mind the night before.

Beginning with the first event/element of the dream and continuing on, list the following:

  • Brother –kind, generous
  • Co-worker - loyal

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