Hello, i had a dream where me, my mom and grandma where coming from an event. My mom was walking behind with me and granny upfront. Behind us two men stopped my mom to talk to him, my grandma looked back but i told her we should keep going since i did not perceive any danger i just assumed they were inquiring something. However my granny was adamant we should wait and looking again behind the 2 men took my mom forcibly away to a nearby location where they locked her up in a cell which was closed. I followed and on arrival i realised they were beating up my mom with wips. In the dream i tore the cell door, took the guy who was standing at the door and beat him very heavily. I then proceeded to the next one who fought with me but i prevailed over him and gave him a very serious beating which in the end i wrapped his hands around his body and stabbed him with a knife in the neck. The beatings were very intense and it looks like i killed them, its hard to recall my emotions but i can say i felt sad about how they beat my mom and in beating them i felt very ruthless. I seldom have dreams such as these but i know that when i do they certainly mean something. Please help me interpret this dream. Thank you

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Are you taking the Dreams course? And, are you doing two-way journaling with the Lord? The Holy Spirit will provide you with insights. If you are born again, He lives on the inside of you and knows all things pertaining to your heart.

Here is a link to the dreams "KN classroom." On the front page, there is a helpful list of what to post when adding feedback for dreams you have had.


Also, here is a link to an article about dreams interpretation just in case you are not taking the class.



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