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Schedule Prayer Ministry Counseling Here

How to Schedule Prayer Ministry Counseling

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Schedule a Prayer Session (Counseling)

Jesus is calling you to enjoy the goodness of His healing presence!

I am Kayte Price and you may contact me to schedule prayer ministry counseling. ;

Or at

To facilitate your restoration we pray seven prayers that open you to healing spirit, soul, and body. You are made whole as Holy Spirit reveals the issues in your heart when we ask and listen.  It’s easy to connect! Just request prayer ministry by sending a message to Kate Price and we will set you up with a spirit-led counselor.

 Our counselors are trained to help you. As in anything you will need to apply yourself. We will ask you to listen with us to the voice of God (so it helps if you can hear the voice of God) as He will guide and heal you.

Counselors will take 12 weeks (or less) to go through a heart issue you may have (anger, lust, rejection, abandonment, etc.) You may extend the time with your counselor if needed when agreed upon with your counselor.

How it works! After you send Kate Price a request she will message you back to set up a time to talk. You will be asked: your name, age, city, country, time zone, how long you have been a Christian, the emotional hurts or heart issues you have been dealing with (what holds you back or hinders you), what you are expecting from counseling, and if you have had previous counseling. We will then assign you a counselor and the two of you will decide how to communicate---Phone, SKYPE, text in healing room, etc. We commit to one hour a week for 12 weeks or one 4-5 hour session.

Counseling sessions will look something like this:  (the order may vary or the inclusion of some and the exclusion of others will be based on your need and leading from Holy Spirit)

Week 1-Getting acquainted reviewing your information, and making appointment times.

Week 2-Review 4 Keys to Hearing Gods Voice.  Ask what is in my heart or my heart issue? We will then practice journaling.

Week 3-Review Prayers that Heal the Heart---Breaking  generational sins and curses, sever ungodly soul ties, replace negative expectations, renounce inner vows, receive divine pictures/visions, cast out demons, experiencing the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.

Week 4-Start praying the seven prayers-- break generational sins and curses.

Week 5-Sever ungodly soul ties

Week 6-Replace negative expectations

Week 7-Renounce inner vows

Week 8-Break word curses

Week 9-Cast out demons

Week 10-The power to overcome any sin is by the power of Holy Spirit

Week 11-Receive revelation through meditation on scriptures. Look at scriptures that address your heart issue.

Week 12-Memorial Stone Celebration—find a symbolic representation for your healing and revelation.

We will ask you to take time each week to journal listening to God about that weeks’ prayer. To better prepare for your healing and deliverance we recommend that you read and be familiar with 4 keys to Hearing God's Voice and Prayers that Heal the Heart.

After one heart issue has been prayed through (healed!), you will then know now to pray these prayers on your own or with a prayer partner. You may also request another prayer time for an issue that you need help on providing your counselor is available.

We look forward to serving you and seeing the Lord’s goodness and healing mercies made manifest to you!

Free downloads are available at: Keys-to-hearing-Gods-voice heal-the-heart

Free audios on these topics:

We do not charge a fee for counseling. We do appreciate offerings and donations through paypal to the counselors e-mail or by check.

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