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Dr. Mark Virkler and Pastor Vince Rizzo

Welcome Friends, God is alive and well on planet Earth! The Holy Spirit is moving across the land! The Kingdom of God is advancing upon the kingdom of darkness. Of the increase of His government there shall be no end! And God has invited all Spirit-filled believers to be a part of this awesome advancement.


Who We Are: The Koinonia Network is a community of Spirit-filled believers who hear the voice of God and see the visions of God and choose to live our lives out of this divine encounter rather than out of our own strength and wisdom.



Koinonia (click triangle play button on the left to hear pronunciation, or click here) is a Greek word which shows up 12 times in the New Testament and is translated “fellowship.” It includes the meanings of “community, intimacy, joint participation.” You will be greatly blessed if you look up these verses where Koinonia is found: Acts 2:42, 1 Cor. 1:9, 2 Cor. 6:14, 2 Cor. 13:14, Gal. 2:9, Phil. 2:1, Phil. 3:10, Philemon 6, 1 Jn. 1:3, 6,7.


Three easy ways to access KN:

  • Type in the full address which is www.KoinoniaNetwork.org
  • Type in a shortened address which is www.kn4u.org
  • Save either of the above addresses to your “favorites” or “bookmark” them and then simply click on the saved icon.

Our Purpose: We have come together to nurture and encourage one another as we carry out the supernatural works of God. The work of God is to believe in Jesus, the One Who lives within us, speaks to us and flows out through us with an anointing and power and revelation that is far beyond ourselves (John 6:29)!


On these pages we want you to share your stories of what God has spoken to you, how you have obeyed, and the resulting blessing God has poured into your life. We want to hear of the healing of your spirit, soul and body. We want to hear how God has anointed you with creativity and leadership, and how you are bringing the Kingdom of God into the area(s) God is asking you to. We want to hear how you have released the anointing of Jesus Christ on the streets in your community. We would love to have you share examples of two-way journaling as God's words are so inspiring to our hearts.


May the stories within Koinonia Network touch our hearts and inspire our dreams and set us on fire for Almighty God. Share your story please!

You can set for yourself just how much of your information is public. The default is that everything is public, which means it can show up on a Google search. But you can set up how much people can see here: http://www.koinonianetwork.org/profiles/profile/privacySettings. (When you are signed in, this link takes you to the privacy settings for your own profile.)


Resources We Bring to You: Our passion is to train you in intimacy with the Holy Spirit and for you to experience complete wholeness in spirit, soul and body. Then we are seeking for God to couple this with an anointing for leadership in whatever area(s) He has asked you to lead in. The world is hungry and needy for Spirit-anointed leaders.

In addition to the advertised colleges and universities you see listed as "Sponsors" along the margin, we have many "Personal Spiritual Trainers" who can serve as coaches in helping you master a specific area of spiritual growth. Plus we have Certified Communion With God Facilitators who are eager to come to your locality and teach a seminar to your group on How to Hear God's Voice.


You can find Personal Spiritual Trainers by using the "Search" function on the Koinonia Network. Simply type in "Personal Spiritual Trainer" and a list will appear of all those who are available through Communion With God Ministries. You can get to know these people by scrolling through their blogs and their bios, and by emailing them. When you are ready to hire them as a Personal Spiritual Trainer for a three-month period of spiritual mentoring and coaching, you can do so here. We do strongly encourage you to make your first coaching experience be the skill of "How to Hear God's Voice" as everything flows from the voice of God, including healing on all levels (spirit, soul and body), ministry and anointing for leadership.


You can find "Certified Communion With God Facilitators" (people who will come to your community and teach a seminar on how to hear God's voice), by typing into the "Search" the words "Certified Communion With God Facilitator" (or clicking here). A list of these people will appear and you can scroll down through their blogs and bios or email them and get to know them. Once you are comfortable with them, we encourage you to invite them to your community to do a weekend seminar on How to Hear God's Voice.


Come, join us, and may your life’s story be a part of the wonderful tapestry God is weaving in the world today.


Your Servants in Christ,

Mark Virkler
Vince Rizzo


P.S. To help you get started, please refer to the "Getting Started" tab, the "How-To Training Videos" tab under it, and to the "Help" tab! Our gift to you! We have a free wallpaper for you on the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice. Enjoy!


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