Dear Saints,
August - not the end of the world.
Why is it that every time there are signs in the heavens, someone come up with the concept that the world is going to end. So there is an eclipse this month over America and immediately someone has to have a message of doom and gloom.
  So maybe if it does not happen there is the September 23 sign in the heavens that the prophetic people are all on about and no one has yet to come up with a plausible answer to all of this. But some wierdo has to latch onto this and start predicting the end of the world. Honestly they should just read the bible. Jesus has to come and reign on the earth for a thousand years, then only will God destroy the earth with fire and then He will recreate it again.
I remember when that other fellow came up with the billboards and media hype of the world will end on such and such day, and my daughter phoned me to make sure that I was not raptured.  Well that day is known only to God the Father so do not fall for such predictions, people like to spread fear. If you are right with the Lord, you have nothing to fear. Just make sure that you repent of your sins every day and live a righteous life and give your heart to Jesus, then your name is written in the book of life, and the world can end, because you know where you will be going.
  Well we had a secret ballot and still Zuma is our President, so what is new in this country of ours. We are still running out of water and the government is more concerned about who is running the country than seeing to it that its citizens are cared for. We do have some rather colorful characters running the country, one minister just announced that if you have sex with a pregnant woman the baby will get pregnant too. Wow now that is something. Another minister wants to take funds from the pension fund to bale out the South African Airways who has been in trouble for quite some time, meantime farmers are still being murdered and no one is doing anything about it, the president says it is only normal crime. NORMAL, he says. meanwhile, in our street five shootings were reported, and a naked man lay dead on the street just around the corner from where we live. Hijackings take place every day, and stores are robbed daily. The police are corrupt and if you have an emergency do not expect a police van to turn up to help you because the driver has taken his wife shopping with the police van. Go to a police station and you have to wake up the staff behind the counter so they can help you. Meanwhile Angus Buchan had a huge outreach and prayer meeting and nothing has happened.
I wish every person that belongs to a church in this country would get their pastors to unite in a 40 days fast and prayer time to get God's help in saving our country. I am just one person and have no connection to any church at the moment but I received a notice from someone that God spoke to her and told her that He is doing nothing because people in this country are not sincere in repentance and calling out to Him.
 If my people who are called by My name would humble themselves and pray, I will come and heal their land.
Where are the intercessors, I would gladly join a group that is genuinely going to cry out to God. If you know of such a group in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, please let me know.
So we talk of the end of the world, what about an end to our country as we know it. Prayer warriors stand up and let your voices be heard. This is war, and we need a victory.
Thank you Father that you hear our prayers, we need rain Lord but we also need your spiritual outpouring in this country, do not let the enemy have a victory in destroying our beautiful country, we know that Jesus is coming soon, and the harvest is ripe, wake us up Lord give us a burden to get on our knees and cry out to You to step in and give us the victory. We ask this in the precious Name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
I hope that you have a wonder August and that God will bless you all.


                             Don’t forget my prayer altar ministry, send me your prayers I lay my hands on them and lift them up before God. If these letters have touched your heart, please pass them on to others. Consider putting them on my e- mail list.   If you need salvation contact me so I can give you the necessary information.  If the Lord lays it on your heart to sow into this ministry contact me for details on how to do that. Thank you to those who are sowing into this work. May God bless you abundantly!!

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