Good morning, Lord! I thank you for a beautiful day! I desire to walk in your will for my life, Lord. I desire to be used as your instrument to reach the nations. What would you like to speak to me, today?

I love you, My child. I have many great things I desire to use you for. Keep your focus on Me and I will lead/guide you along the way. I desire you to be full of My wisdom, My knowledge, My truth. (Yes, Lord.)

You have many things going right now in your life. Remember, to keep your focus on Me. Yes, some of the things will be pruned from your life so that I may use you more fully. I desire you to be My hands to reach the nations with My love, My peace, My joy.

Be still in My presence and listen carefully to the things I will speak to you. You must fine-tune listening to My voice in your life. As you do this, you will become sharper and things will become more clear to you.

I have called you to live out of the voice of God in your life. From this, all other things will flow in your life from Me. I Am the River of Life. Come to the river I have created for you. Come to the river of strength, joy, peace, love. Come to Me, my love. Come to Me. (Yes, Lord. Thank you.)

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Comment by April W on April 29, 2017 at 9:30pm

Beautiful!  Inspiring!  If this was Facebook, I would "Like" it! :-)  When you are brave enough to post these treasures He gives you, you never know who might be touched as well, or helped to hear for themselves...Thank you for posting this, Barbara, and for stepping up to the moderator role! 

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