(This is two way journaling)

Lord what picture do you want to put in my heart today?

The Holly Spirit is the Spirit of God that formed everything with the Power, dominion and authority of God and Jesus is The Word of God that spoke everything into being with the way, truth and life of God. God is just Love, Peace and Holiness. When we speak the name Jesus in any way with the truth of its sound and life of its meaning The Holly Spirit identifies its authority with God, its dominion in the person speaking it and Power available in it, to permit miracles to happen for the atmosphere of God love, peace and Holiness to be amount His creation on earth as it is in Him in Heaven. That is why when we speak the Word of God over our lives we speak the ways of God, the truth of God and the life of God that have enough power, authority and domonion to give us a life full of the peace of God, the love of God and Holiness of God. This is God kingdom and His Righteous ways He commanded we should first seek then everything will be provided for us.

With every gift God gives He also provide us with strength to improve a talent in us to make our gift even more successful. A gift comes from God and we recieve everything from God on how to do it, mostly a gift is for impacting lives for eternity. A talent is in ever person but with God strength and practice on our side we might do it better than the next person, a talent mostly draws others near for pleasure.

God gave every Christian a gift of living by Christ Righteous image of His Love, Hope and Faith to impact our lives for eternity and He also want to help us improve our talent which is to yield the imagination of our senses to The Holly Spirit, for God is pleased when He is near His children to help us to be more successful in living by our calling of Christ Love Hope and Faith.

The calling of a husband is to love his wife with the Love they receive from God not their own but the talent for a husband to master with practice is to make his wife happy for his calling of loving her to be more successful.

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Comment by Josh Virkler yesterday

Thanks Zweli! God bless.

Comment by Zweli on Saturday
Thanks Josh, I hope this does it.
Comment by Josh Virkler on July 14, 2017 at 1:05pm

Thank you for sharing! It is great that this method of hearing God is so similar to what you had learned to do earlier in your life.

Because we want to be very careful to draw a clear and strong distinction between what we are doing and encouraging, and what the New Age movement does, I would ask that you edit your post to not call it "automatic writing". This is an important point for us, because we do not want to support or condone anyone engaging in "automatic writing", even though that is not the correct phrase to describe what you are actually doing.

Thank you for understanding! We appreciate you, and that you are sharing on our site. This is just one detail which must be fixed.

Comment by Zweli on July 14, 2017 at 5:41am
Yes I think it is two way journaling, mostly The Holly Spirit start the conversation in a positioning move, for example, "look how beautiful that tree is", when I try to see what He sees, He recognize that He had my attention, then end up telling me about something entirely different which will totally transform my life. Mostly I don't ask Him questions but I just yield my senses to The Holly Spirit believing that He know what I need while I continue resting in His Fellowship throughout the day. I advoid asking Him questions mostly because when comparing when He start the conversation His journaling bring more healing, I think when I am asking Him a question I end up limiting His flow to heal me. I don't stop asking Him question though, but I only ask questions about what He was telling me about if I want to understand something better. That's why I'm a little sceptical to share His journaling because its not the normal journaling where I ask and He answer, I thought maybe its for personal healing I don't need to share His journaling and that He mostly talk about who God is, who Jesus is, who is The Holly Spirit and Holly Angels to change my outlook in the life toward the everyday situations that I go through. Barbara I will totally understand if you rate this as not two way journaling because I don't know what to call it myself.
Actually The Holly Spirit taught me to journal His Flow in my room when I was around 15 years, I will just simple sit in a quite place and wait in anticipation for Him to speak, I did it for a while but suddenly stopped because no one I know was doing it until I identified the same formula with Mark explaining 4 keys to hearing Gods voice, even though its not entirely that same but Mark was motivation enough to make me start again. The only similarities is to quite myself, turn to the flow of The Holly Spirit which is the flowing thoughts and journal, but the difference is I fix my senses to the Flow of The Holly Spirit not to Jesus because mostly He's going to talk about Jesus or God or Himself or His Holly Angels or His Holly Saints, I can also converse with His Flow but mostly I prefer to listen or ask Him later what He meant when He said this, and that every time when I journal The Holly Spirt Flow I am filled with fire inside starting from my heart spreading and increasing until I feel like I'm going to breath a real flame, lately I heard from an online source that's its deliverance and healing power. Another close similarities is that Mark said you can talk and see Jesus everywhere while doing your activities but The Holly Spirit taught me that I can do every activity for Him not for me wherether is when Im bathing or taking out the garbage, I should change my attitude of just doing it for the sake of doing it but do it for the anticipation of receiving His flow concerning the activity that I am doing in order to give Him access to what I am doing so He can impact the natural with His Supernatural with what I'm currntly doing and that I won't have to feel guilty when I did not get quiet time on my busy schedule and also that I can let Him help me not only to the Spiritual things but also to the natural activities too while sharing the goodness of the kingdome of God together. He also showed me that the reason Adam and Eve were able to recognize God voice when He come to visit them at the end of their day is because they spend time in continuous communion with the Flow of His Spirit throughout their day, they didnt have a church sevice but their daily activities was church service for them because they did everything for God while God impact their daily activities with His Glory that is in His Spirit. Barbara I hope you understand that I'm not intentionally bending some few rules to what is recommended as Christian in this network but I think what matters is the transformation in us into Christ Righteous image which is what I think this network is all about. Actually this network is the only network or church for me that I only identity the leading of the Holly Spirit, I never belonged to any church all my life because when I go to church I end up letting go of what The Holly Spirit teaches me because no one agreed in those church with my experience with The Holly Spirit but I end up suffering spiritually and physically because demons come and torment me day and night until I get back to what The Holly Spirit teaches me and they leave. The Holly Spirit taught me a lot of things and I helped a lot of people spiritually but I ended up rebuking all that because it's human nature to have a senses of belonging with what you're experiencing in your life with other people experience but since I met Mark online I am going back strong in living by the Spirit even as far as astro travelling, mostly because Mark helped me to identity whether an experience is from God or not.
Barbara if you evaluate my post not recommended in this Network I will be appy to change and do the right thing because I still want to be around, getting more inspiration to take forward steps for my spiritual growth.
Comment by Barbara Green (Moderator) on July 13, 2017 at 10:02am

Hello - do you mean two-way journaling in the presence of the Lord, instead of automatic writing?

As Christians, we do not recommend using automatic writing during our quiet time.


Thanks for responding.

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